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We develop specific customized management programs that remove the burden of day to day property and rental management from individuals and corporate investors.

The ability to partner with a property manager is vital for newer or smaller investors.  Even with smaller portfolios, self-managing multi-unit residential property is daunting.  Property owners often underestimate the infrastructure needed to properly service their tenants and the amount of effort that it will take to build that infrastructure themselves.  That’s where Blue House comes in.

Agamenticus Noble, LLC

With Blue House in charge I have no worries that my property or my residents will not be well taken care of.

Ron Faia, Managing Member

RMR Clinton, LLC

I have used Blue House Property Management to manage my property for over 10 years. As an out-of- town owner, I had to find a company who would look out for my best interests and the best interests of my tenants; Blue House does both.

Eugene Rozenberg, CEO

Archgate Townhouses



Included with our management fee at no additional charge is a marketing program specifically designed to rent vacant units as expeditiously as possible. We understand that vacant units don’t generate any cash flow for owners, so we work aggressively to rent available units to decent tenants as soon as they are ready. Our marketing strategy includes various local newspapers in both English and Spanish, flyers, signs, community outreach programs and incentives to current tenants for referrals since “word of mouth” advertising tends to bring in the highest quality tenants.


Tenant Screening

Our extensive tenant screening process can be custom tailored to the owner’s specific standards but is always designed to weed out bad risks by requiring that a comprehensive rental application be filled out by all occupants of the unit over the age of 18, and the verification of all information listed including but not limited to a full criminal check, a reference check, previous landlord interview as well as an employment and income verifications.


Lease Preparation and Execution

After hours of consultation with legal counsel we have written both a tenancy at will agreement and a lease agreement in both English and Spanish that maximizes the landlord’s rights while still being fully enforceable within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Massachusetts case law is decidedly pro tenant so a properly written and executed lease or tenancy agreement is critical if a landlord hopes to stand a chance in housing court. Specific modifications, as long as they are within Massachusetts law, can be made to either agreement at the landlord’s request.


Administrative Services

We use sophisticated real estate management software which tracks all aspects of tenancy and pertinent tenant information from when a tenant moves in, to what day of each month they send their rental payments and in what form, to where the tenant works and who their closest friends and family members are. Tracking this information allows us to more effectively communicate with tenants, improve our rent collection percentages, create customized real-time financial reports and automatically issue letters from late notices, to 14 day or 30 day notices to quit, to birthday, anniversary and congratulations cards. All of these documents have been created in both English and Spanish, considering the huge Latino community in Holyoke and Springfield and the fact that we are the only property management company in Hampden County providing this valuable service gives us a huge advantage over competitors.



Our maintenance department makes every effort to prevent the small problems we all deal with every day from becoming big ones. Our prompt response to any problem that may arise keeps tenants happy and encourages them to inform us of these problems in a timely manner. From minor leaks which can kill a landlord’s profitability by wasting water and potentially doing major structural damage to snow or ice on the sidewalks which could expose a landlord to legal liability in the case of a slip and fall, our 24 hour hot-line and around the clock maintenance personnel help us react to any emergency that may arise. Semi-annual property inspections give us opportunities to identify existing and potential problems, schedule and implement necessary repairs and maintain the properties in good condition.


Capital Improvements

Arranging and supervising capital improvements is another invaluable service we offer to our clients. From just replacing the roof or windows to rehabilitating the entire building or anything in between; we can do it all. 1) Expert analysis of the situation including personal consultations with the landlord as well as the electrical, plumbing and fire inspectors and the building commissioner
2) Getting up to three estimates from licensed contractors and negotiating their overall fees
3) Securing the services of licensed professionals such as plumbers and electricians at reduced rates due to the volume of business we do with them
4) Arranging the delivery of the necessary building materials
5) Providing our own low-cost laborers


You may connect with us by completing our contact form or using the contact information provided.

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